Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cheerleader 4 Life!

I know it sounds silly but I don't think I can or ever will let go of the fun I had in high school with cheer leading! The Companionship you gain, the trust and motivation you build as you cheer together and work so hard for the #1 each competition!

This last Friday we had the chance to go back to ALTA high school 3 years later as Cheer Alumni and cheer 1st half of the homecoming game haha! I think this was the first year in Alta's cheer alumni history that they had all (but a few) Varsity show up! In Uniform!! We practically had the whole squad back in chant lines on that track! We were still throwing standing tumbling and stunting like nobody business! We totally showed up the now attending Alta cheerleaders right girls!!

It was a fun night but I think my Cheer days are officially over!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Michael Buble Concert!

I cried.. Need I disclose more about the most incredible concert ever known to man!!

How it came to be - I arrive home to find a letter in the hands of Mr. Smith addressed to Mrs. Smith, it explained the hard work ahead of us, finishing school and buckling down on the priorities but first a little fun and the following written on the back, Verbatim, "Because... I'm your man!" Which happens to be one of my favorite Michael songs! I open up the envelope and find two tickets to Michael Buble's Concert in Las Vegas for August 21st! Oh to contain myself was not possible!! Jed your the best!!

For the next month it was all I could think of and talk about! I read Michael website practically everyday and kept up on the news. He is just an incredible Musician!

Night of the Concert - Earlier that day was Colt's, Jed's Younger Brother, first football game as starting quarterback so it was hard to even think of not attending that game! He did awesome by the way! They were so far ahead the first half that Colt didn't play the second half which is nice because we had to leave if we wanted to make it to Vegas in time! 6 hours gone by and finally we were in the frenzy of Las Vegas! The concert was held at the MGM Grand Hotel and to make the whole thing even better, my parents were there! My father also surprised my mother and purchased tickets to Michael Buble. We ate dinner together and went our separate ways to our seats, needless to say we bought some shirts to match the occasion! I was hoping we would match but they didn't have a, "I love Michael buble" shirt his size haha!

In the middle of the stage was a three sided wall of sheer curtains, enough to see shadows through and finally the lights started to dim and the music started to play and there he was behind the curtain, Michael Buble's Shadow conducting his incredible symphonic band! The intensity! The Bass! The Michael! I cried! It was beautiful and so exciting! He sang both Jed's and my favorite songs; I'm your man, Me and Mrs. Jones, Crazy Love, etc.

Through out the songs Michael would get personal with the audience, he is a funny man, truly a performer! We both loved his jokes and his corky personality. I wish I could tell you the funny things he was saying but it just wouldn't be the same!

It could not have been a more perfect night! I feel so lucky!!

June 4th 2010 - The Big Day!

We couldn't have asked for a more romantic family and friend filled event! The whole week felt just frantic! The Wedding Dinner was on Thursday at the Smith's home in Ogden where we would enjoy Ben's incredible BBQ meal and Alice's homemade sides! They worked so hard on the backyard and it paid off! Tables everywhere, June flowers and color, color, color! Everyone had a good time tellin' our every embarrassing, personal, funny moment to everyone, Jed's stories were filled with, "Incredible sports player," "So Coordinated," "Expert with a Gun," and so forth. Naturally mine were filled with, "Uncoordinated," "Bike in Heels on freeway," "Speeding ticket this, policeman that," Poor Jed, He has no idea what he has got himself into. We laughed, we cried, we ate and ate and ate!

I'll be honest with you though, I was in a hurry to get outta there! I wanted to go home and hop into bed so morning would come that much faster! That next morning was the big day! The Nackos residence was crazy in the morning, with Momma Nackos directing the scene and people everywhere setting up, ask if I helped? Nay, Jed in Ogden and I in Draper took our sweet time at the gym and getting ready! 11:00am rolls around and it's time to check in at the Draper Temple, Sealing at 12:00pm. I don't really remember what happened from there... It was all a glorious memory haha, I just could not take my eyes off my handsome husband, it was an incredible and spiritual experience! Sealed forever baby!! After exchanging the rings and loud pats on the back we were off to present ourselves as Man and Wife through those big Temple doors. Lots of twirls, dipped kisses and photos, Lots of photos.

I would like to take this moment and thanks my cousin, Sammi Beardoll, "Feels Like Home Photography" for the incredible pictures, Engagement, Groomals, Bridals, Wedding!! You name it! She is incredible!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!

The reception started at 7:00pm, we both could not believe our eyes at how our backyard turned out! Lights, Sheer Ribbons, Flowers, Michael Buble, Pictures, and the people we love most! I don't think I even need to tell you how incredible my aunts, Jill, Bethan, and cousin, Trisha, did with the desserts. They look awesome but tasted even better! They worked so hard and it turned out better then I could have imagined. We had a fairytale wedding.

After we were able to see and thank everyone for coming, it was time for the show! The cake eating, the dancing, the bouquet throwing, the first dance and my personal favorite.. The Garter.. Grrrowwlll!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and share such a special night with us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

So What Are We Doing?

Jed has been working his cute little toosh off at Mr. Network, (He has a told me a million times what he does so I hope I get it almost right) He is a General Manager over a call center and he mainly does the training with new agents. It's pretty busy everyday there but there is change after change, around 8 or 9 you can catch him on his BB (blackberry) sending emails. I will say this though, he is awesome about leaving his mind at work, he comes home happy and focused on home.
He is currently on the path for an Education Administration degree in English or close to it (I say go for it Babe!) The final outcome will be a Principle, which I am so excited for! The community involvement and the activities with the school will be awesome for our children and have that closeness with the family. (Im gonna be all in my kids bidness! Kidding.) Think about it! Jed will be running the school, Colter (His brother) will be over the sports program and something smart, and I will be over the math department.... (BAHAHA)

I, Lex, am working at Aflac Insurance as the State Administrator, I work with people everyday and no day is the same. My limits are endless! From licensing to planning incentive trips, it never ends! Which, by the way, I would like to take this moment to rub in all your faces that Jed and I will be attending my works incentive trip in May to Bermuda... on a cruise.. for a whole week.. without you.. :) I am not going to school but if I was my major would change every semester. Last month I wanted to be in the C.I.A., last week I wanted to open an animal shelter and today Jed found out I wanted to be a pilot... My current job, I think, covers all those areas :)

It has been really fun lately for Jed and I looking for apartments, planning the wedding and looking into honeymoon spots (Hawaii!) Bonding! :)
The days are starting to blend together! I mean I couldn't even tell you how far/close the wedding is ya know??
(106 Days, 19 Hours, 21 Minutes) or something like that ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Engagement!!!!

This is from a Letter Jed sent his Brother Jake who is on a mission in Africa explaining the proposal... Jed's Words, Lexxy's Comments.


So I know that I was gonna hit you up and let you know about take'n things to the next level.... Thangs got spontaneous and your older brotha dropped to one knee less than 48 hours ago!!! It's Crazy brotha... I don't know when it will really hit... but I am so excited!!! Lexxy and I are engaged!!! June 4th is the day Broheim!!!

I wanted to totally catch her off guard so that she would never see it coming. When he picked me up I had awoke from a cat nap and didn't even fluff the hair or spray perfume before leaving the apartment! I've had Colt and Ricketts and others kind of give her the hint that I wasn't going to ask until her birthday March 2nd.

So I took Lexxy's dad out for lunch last friday (Jan 22) to ask him for their blessing and consent in asking for Lex's hand in marriage. It was a neat experience with Kelly...I've been able to build a great relationship with him and her mom, Patti. Kelly and Patti are so Awesome and I love spending time with them. They are great people and the church is a big part of their life. Kelly has a really good friend that owns a diamond shop so a few days later i was in there look'n for the Rock! :) I was ready to do the deed!

Lexxy and I have talked about marriage for a little bit and initially talked about getting married in early June. I knew the Temples were filling up for that time and so I talked to Lexxy's mom and I sest up the date in the Draper Temple for June 4th. After doing that, I told Lex that June was completely full and that we would probably have to do it in July or August. I told her we had a date for July 2nd, this really bummed her out - she was so excited for a June 4th wedding. Everybody played this date up.

When we first started dating we would meet at that carpool parking lot off the Highland/Alpine exit. It's kind of been "our spot." It was where we first kissed and we have had a few moments there :) :)

January 29th 2010

So the day I picked up the ring was the day that I decided to seal the deal! Cam went with me to pick up the rock. I text lex earlier that we were probably going to meet Ricketts up at "our spot" there in the parking lot for dinner and a movie. She obviously had no idea what was go'n on... She thought it was just another night. We got to "our spot" there in the parking lot and I drove around looking for a secluded spot in the corner of the parking lot. After parking and sitting there "waiting for Ricketts" I started to talk to Lex about how our relationship has been a journey through it's ups and downs and that I was grateful for where we were at. At that point I pulled a framed, hand-written letter that I prepared earlier that told her how much she means to me. I handed that to her and she read it ( I had to get the juices flow's right :)) (I wish you could all read what he wrote, It's so awesome and I feel so lucky to have Jed, I was touched by the letter I couldn't let him sit there unkissed!) I then, non-chalantly told her that I needed to grab my wallet out of the back. At that point she was occupied with the letter and i Grabbed a couple prepared items in the back of the 4Runner.

**A little inside joke: One time we were walking by Victoria's Secret and Lex asked me if I liked lingerie... (It's a legit question I think haha) I said, "I actually would just prefer a basketball jersey!" :)

We've referenced to the jersey multiple times in relation to our marriage. So I had a Miami Heat Dwayne Wade Jersey in the back with a letter from the church that confirms our sealing and Lex's endowment in the Draper Temple (June 4th haha). I grabbed both and went around to the passenger side and opened Lex's door. We kissed for a few and then I busted out the Jersey. She was way excited and kind of didn't know what to think :) (I was so confused of what was going on! I love the Jersey though and I have my letter hanging up :)) Her arms went vertical and I slipped it over her head - She wore it the whole rest of the night! :) We then kissed some more for a little bit. Then I dropped to one knee... She immediately put both hands over her mouth in surprise and was in freeze mode for a good 5 seconds. (Haha I could not believe this was happening, I was totally caught off guard in surprise!) Then i began to say Lex's full name... Before I could even finish her name Lex did a full on leap launching herself into the air at me (do remember I am on the ground and haven't even finished her name :) (As if he would expect me to wait patiently as he asked me to marry him.. to think he would know me by now :))

We sat there for about 5 minutes as she was jumping out of her bones... seriously couldn't contain herself! :) It was so awesome!! I loved how excited she was - made me feel so good inside. After we kind of calmed down, I told Lex that there was one more thing... I then handed her the letter from the church. She began reading as I awaited her locating the unexpected date (June 4th) As soon as she saw it... She went BALLISTIC!!! That was the kicker... she was just so excited that we don't have to wait for July! She then Immediately said... "Ricketts better not be coming!" I reassured her that he wasn't and that it was our night! :) We then went to "The Roof" Gourmet Buffet restaurant at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial building that over looks the Salt Lake Temple.

It couldn't have been a better night Jake! It was perfect! Lex and I had a blast. She had no idea it was coming... We will always remember that night!

This was so amazing, Jed pulled this off so perfectly! I am so happy that we do not have to wait until July to be sealed to each other. Four months will fly by but I just can't wait! We're both so excited to be apart of each others families and to start our own! :)

Weeks Before the Engagement...

Jed and I (Lex) always talked about getting married but never had any plans until the beginning of January, We knew we needed to get a temple date because they would be filling up fast and somehow I had talked Jed into a June wedding, (Jed wanted to have dated for a year or more before marriage was even a topic, before I came along hehehehehe) So Jed called the Draper Temple and made a "Wedding date" for July 2nd. Jed then called me and told me that that was the earliest that the Temple would be available for us. As you can imagine I was so bummed! I'm just so excited to marry Jed that I just didn't want to wait another month! The only mistake was that Jed gave me a Temple date... You know exactly what I did with that Temple date... TOLD EVERYONE!!! I had a wedding date, a wedding pretty much planned but no fiance... Because of the recent change I didn't think he would propose for at least a month or two. So I sorta but not really forgot about it :) I AM JUST SO EXCITED!

Our First Dates...

We had our first date in Orem at PF Changs to enjoy one of Jed's Favorite dishes, Shrimp with candid walnuts and Honey Dew Mellon and Sesame Beef with Broccoli. Who knows what we talked about, probably foods. After that we went to Fat Cats for a game of Pool, we probably don't even need to tell you who dominated that game right because we all know Lex did... So anyways... Jed took Lex home around 11:00, little did Lex know what she was getting into when it came to sleep because Jed does not believe in a 6-7 hour night he takes sporadic naps throughout the week.. week not day...but he does have a tendency to sit down for 5 minutes and be out like a light! It's really a talent.

* Lexxy's First Impressions of Jed *

The guy I was hanging out with was Jed's roommate and Jed was also his Boss at work and this guy would tell me how chill Jed was and that he was such a spiritual guy so I was pretty curious to meet Jed. I finally had the chance to meet him at a gas station in Orem somewhere, some friends and I were on our way home from soaking in the hot pots and stopped for drinks and gas and he happened to be there with some friends and we were introduced. The first thing Jed said to me was in comment to my green eyes, that little rascal how dare he (haha) no "Hi." no shake of the hands, no nothin!

When I first saw him though I had remembered everything his roommate told me about him (Boss man, spiritual, chill) but no one told me he was strong and tall! So not only am I not wearing heels but I am intimidated because he's so young playin' Boss man at work, (which tells me he's goal oriented and a hard worker) that he's cool cause he likes to just chill and relax but I am also intimidated because he's a spiritual guy (For those that don't know me, 4 months previous to meeting Jed I had been living in China for 4 months teaching English to Children and had a huge spiritual change thanks to the friends I had with me) and for someone wanting that knowledge of the church it's pretty intimidating meeting someone who is just an enormous spiritual rock!

When he asked me on our first date months later I was excited to really get to know Jed but I am the type of person who likes to know what, when and why a person would say or do something. I pick things apart and then think way to much about it, so for our first few dates together I didn't think to much about anything that happened because I didn't want to think something that wasn't anything at all! I couldn't really tell you anything that happened. Sorry Jed. It was for the better! There is one thing I remember though, whenever he picked me up for the night he would never compliment on the way I looked and my mom always stressed to me how important that was in relationships. So after wondering for weeks if Jed thought I was cute or not I finally asked him, (in a frustrated tone) "Jed, you never say I'm cute. Do you think I'm cute?"

(Jed) "I wouldn't be taking you on dates if I didn't think so."

(Lex) "That doesn't truly answer my question, I must hear you say it to know it."

(Jed) "Ya Lex, I Do."

(Lex) "You do what?"

(Jed) "Think that."

(Lex) "Think what?"

(Jed) "You're cute."

(Lex) "Really? Thanks Jed."

(Do you remember this Jed? I can't believe it was so hard for you to say!)

* Jed's First Impressions of Lexxy *

Paragraph in Construction!!!

(He probably just thought I was the bomb...)


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